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What Diet is Best

Figuring out what kinds of foods to eat is the number one question that I get as a dietitian nutritionist.

Weight loss diets: When it comes to losing weight, many of the diets that are available have shown some degree of success for some people for at least for the short term. The challenge is changing behavior for the long term so that weight is not regained. Finding a sustainable healthy way to control one's weight which includes physical movement, healthy eating and a the inclusion of a wide variety of foods often results in long term weight management and a healthy relationship with food.

Diets for diabetes: The American Diabetes Association states that there is no one diet for people with diabetes. My experience has also been that the best approach is one that meets someone's unique needs and wishes. That includes their motivation, whether weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol or other medical problem needs to be considered.

This video briefly reviews some of the more popular options with a focus on eating patterns that help people with diabetes.

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