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In just 60 minutes, you can.... 

Go from feeling confused and frustrated to knowing what to do 

Know when to eat

What to eat

How much to eat

Have a plan... 

3 strategies you can use every day

"I know how to eat now" 
Mark Dudek pic in red shirt trimmed usin

"I don't generally get excited about much, but I was quite happy to get the call from my doctor with the test results. My blood glucose is now so much better." - Mark

Julianne Hagan

Hey there! I'm Julie

I am a dietitian, nurse, and diabetes educator. I am creating webinars and courses for you, people with diabetes, and your friends and family because there is not enough support for you in the medical world. Only 6.8 % of people with diabetes receive diabetes education. 

If you have type 2 diabetes, you know that how you eat 
is an important part of managing your diabetes. You may have also feel like you are on your own with little support or a place to go when you have questions. 

In this free live training, I share my set of nutrition, diabetes and nursing expertise with you so that you can start right now to be more confident, eat better, feel great and lower your risk of diabetes-related problems. 

Free Training 

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Turn Your Diabetes Into the Reason You Feel Great 


In just 1 hour, I'll show you how to eat for type 2 diabetes and start lowering our blood sugar


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for the next live workshop session! 

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